Why should you wear linen clothing?

boyfriend shirt linen blie
Kelly Lee van Velthoven
March, 31, 2023
boyfriend shirt linen blie

Maybe wearing linen clothing is new for you, at least it was for me. I did not fall in love with linen immediately, but I did when I discovered its many benefits. I loved how it felt and how easily I could combine it with other items in my wardrobe. I understood better and better how to wear and style it. For me, linen is both stylish and comfortable. I didn’t know that linen has so many excellent benefits.

It’s timeless and sustainable.

Having timeless designs in your closet helps create a wardrobe you will enjoy for a long time. Fashion is not a disposable product; we should choose it with care. The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet. At MAAN, we hope you enjoy our clothing for a long time. We're a small business hoping to make a difference in the fashion approach.

Choosing timeless designs is a beneficial choice in many ways. We also don't have dead stock, meaning the clothing item will be made once an order is placed. Linen is sustainable in the way it's produced and also because of its lifespan. With the right care, linen can last you a long time, many years.

If you are interested in sustainability and living a slower, more mindful life, you might be interested in minimalism. I became friends with a Dutch couple in Vietnam. Their life was very different compared to their life in the Netherlands. They were very happy and content in Vietnam, and I asked them what had changed their life and how they would proceed once they would go back to the Netherlands. Anna said that she added some V's, 'vertraging' en 'vereenvoudigen' in her life, the Dutch words for slowing down and simplifying your life where you can. I can still remember their words, and I still agree with them. Minimalism was also a part of their life. Personally, I’m a big fan of minimalism. I’m not saying that minimalism will solve all your problems, but it will make your life easier and help you live a more mindful and conscious lifestyle. You will have more time and money for the things and people you value. There is a very interesting documentary on Netflix called Minimalism. It will change your perspective on consumerism for sure.

For instance, I like to buy less stuff impulsively. Now I want to buy something and think about it a little longer. Will I still like this item within a few years? I love to invest in stuff that lasts longer and enjoy longer instead of throwing an item away after a relatively short period. Linen clothing and our designs are timeless. They will look great on you now and in the future. They are easy to style, mix, and match your existing wardrobe. Building a wardrobe not focused on trends will give you more joy in the long run.

It’s natural and breathable. 

I love how linen feels on my skin and how the fabric breathes. Linen clothing will feel 'normal' during cooler times; when it's hot, like in Summer, you feel the difference with other fabrics. You will feel 'cooler' and more comfortable. Especially in climates where it can be moist and your skin can become sticky and clammy, linen can be very welcoming. As you may know by now linen is a 100% natural fabric made out of grass fiber. Stronger and more durable than cotton. It even has an anti-bacterial function. People with skin problems say that linen is very soothing to wear and helps improve the skin to heal. I used to wear mostly synthetic clothes, but I have to say that linen is so comfortable. It will even shape a bit custom to your body. In our blog Linen and Nature, you read more about how linen can connect us with nature.

Design made for you

The collection of MAAN the Linen Label is based on easy fitting. The clothing items will fit easily, no matter your body type. The clothing items are one-by-one investment pieces you will enjoy long now and in the years to come. Wear our linen items year-round with the proper styling, layering, and combination. You will find more inspiration on our Instagram page. Don't forget to share your outfit on social media with #themaanlabel.

With love, Kelly