Help plants don't die, please

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Kelly Lee van Velthoven
May, 23, 2023

This blog is for people who can use inspiration about how to keep their plants alive, green, and healthy.
Having houseplants in your home can make a big difference. Several studies have shown that plants in your environment can positively impact psychical and mental health. Seeing green makes your brain happy. So what are the reasons not to have plants? Although plants are pretty and a great addition to your house or office, they can also be expensive, or worst case scenario: they die. I think I have had many attempts to keep my plants healthy, but I haven't always succeeded. Looking back at it, I could have done a few things differently. I will share my insider tips with you here in this blog. Another helpful tip is to buy or find 'easy' plants. You could call them beginner plants, less sensitive to their environment and the amount of water they need.
Knowing how to take their best care will help keep them in good condition. Are you ready to learn more?

Lights conditions need to match.

Have you ever noticed the tag sticking in the pot of the plant? The label gives you helpful information about several things like light. Check where the light in your house or office matches the plant's needs. Some plants will need light but not direct sunlight. Giving your little green friend the light it needs will make a big difference.
Does your plant don't come with a tag? Several apps can help you find the proper care. For instance, you scan the plant, and the app provides you with the correct information about the plant. An app that has an excellent rating is Picture This. Also very handy when you don't know your plant's name, for instance.
Look at your plants to see if they are in suitable light condition. Dull green or yellowish leaves may indicate too much sunlight. Read more about Picture this.

Use water in the right way.

Your indoor plants will frequently need water. Depending on the plant, it will have its own specific water needs. Treat all your plants differently.
Check out the right amount and frequency before watering to ensure how much water your plant needs. You can do this by checking the tag or using a plant app.
Most plants need watering once during colder seasons or twice a week during warmer seasons. Overall the potting soil should be kept moist but not wet.

Providing the right container and the amount of moisture is a must

Your plant needs a suitable container. Your plant will need the right space to grow and flourish. So have a good look if your plant is in the right size container, especially when it doesn't come with a pot or when you want to combine smaller plants. Your plant will need enough space for its roots. If you hesitate about the right size, it's always good to consult the seller about the right size container. Next to the right size container, your plants want to be nice and moist. Plants don't like heater vents or drafty spaces, so avoid these places for your little green friends. You can increase the humidity by putting plants on trays, layered with small pebbles, and filled with water. Misting your plants can be helpful, but it's a little extra, not enough to keep them always moist. If you enjoy green everywhere in your house, consider putting them in areas like your kitchen and bathroom.

Don't keep your little green friends hungry and dusty

It turns out that your house needs dusting, and your plants need some too. Dusting off your plants is essential for keeping them happy and healthy. Clean the dust off your plants gently with a moist towel, or when the weather is mild, take them outside and rise off with a bit of water. Keeping your plants clean from dust will prevent all kinds of diseases, sun blockage, and the attraction of insects.

Giving your plants nutrition and keeping the bugs out watering your plants will cause some leach of nutrients to leave the soil. Therefore you will need to give your plants some nutrition. You can use fertilizer or natural fertilizers such as banana peels and eggshells. You can put a banana peel as a whole covered with some soil or cut the banana peel into little pieces and divide it in the soil. Eggshells need to be washed from the inside and dry. You can grind the eggshells into little pieces and put them in the soil. Make sure you keep an eye out for bugs on your plants and treat them when necessary.

With love, Kelly