Learn more about linen, style, and benefits.

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Kelly Lee van Velthoven
May, 22, 2023

Linen is a natural fabric that combines well with other materials, colors, and prints. In Summer, linen is perfect because it cools your body. The fabric is breathable and feels very comfortable on your skin. Our items are made of 100% linen! Wear a linen dress, denim jacket, and boots in Spring or Summer. You can combine it with linen shorts and a cotton skirt or denim shorts. De possibilities are endless. What makes wearing linen so easy? You can combine many different fabrics, prints, and items.

How to style linen in Winter

Many people know that linen is excellent to wear in the Summer, but not many know that you can also wear linen in Winter. In Summer, linen is cooling; in Winter, it holds onto heat, warming the body. Wear linen in layers when the weather is colder. You can combine it with other natural fabrics such as wool, silk, and cotton. Look at which items are already in your closet and how to match them with the right color palette. You can wear, for instance, a white linen blouse in Summer and Winter. You can wear a shirt dress with leggings or skinny jeans. You can wear the jumpsuit with a jacket or a long sleeve underneath. You can go for a casual or dressy look, depending on your style. Choosing colors from the same palette, such as warm neutrals or grey tones, will prevent a messy look. Linen clothing looks best with natural materials like silk, cotton, wool, or other linen clothing. Spice up your look with beautiful cardigans on top of your pretty linen dress. A long soft cardigan is perfect for wearing your beloved linen dress in Autumn or Winter.

How to style linen in Summer

Linen is an effortless fabric to combine with many different styles. If you need visual inspiration, look on Pinterest and see how easy it is to combine linen with other clothes, shoes, and accessories.  Style by color. Choose items that go well with the fabric of your blouse, dress, or shorts. Linen with linen is cute, but our casual shirt looks great with denim jeans.

In Summer, wear an elegant, simple dress with flip-flops to the beach or combine boots and a blazer for lunch. It depends on the occasion and how you will wear our linen items. Feel free to wear your clothes as you please and share them with us on your Instagram page with the hashtag #themaanlabel

What are the benefits of wearing linen in Summer? 

For me, linen items are essential in my capsule wardrobe. Because I travel and don't want to wear the same daily, I must be smart about my clothing choices. Lately, I have worn more natural fabrics than synthetic fabrics; it's more comfortable than other fabrics.

It makes me feel better on the inside; as a result, you see that on the outside too. Besides its beauty, linen offers many benefits in warmer and humid climates. Linen works with temperature regulation. Because of its woven structure, linen allows air to flow between the fabric and the body. It will help the body cool down and won't be sticky to your skin. Linen is the perfect fabric to prevent overheating the body during warmer and hot days.

Moisture-wicking fabric

When you wear a linen dress, a shirt, or any other linen item, linen will free your body of moisture. Linen is highly absorbent, but at the same time, it evaporates the same humidity back into the air. Because of its molecule structure, linen can absorb 1/5 of its weight before becoming clammy or wet. You can see linen as an efficient cooling system.

What benefits will I have from wearing linen in Winter?

It's a misconception that you can only wear linen in the Summer or warmer climates. Linen is a natural but also a 'smart' fiber. It cools in the Summer, but it's also warming in Winter. In WinterWinter, it's heating your body.  Combine linen with other warm clothing items and layer up to wear linen, ideally in Autumn and Winter. For the perfect combination of clothing, watch out for our upcoming videos. 

With love, Kelly