Outdoor camping adventures

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May, 19, 2023

Let's talk about outdoor camping adventures. You see during the week, I'm busy with my shop, working on new designs, or taking care of my cats. I have my routine, and in the morning, I start with a Vietnamese coffee at my friend's place, Buttercup, in Hoi An. While having my first coffee (that helps me start my day), I take time to reflect on the coming day. I have a quiet moment with myself before the town starts to crowd. I always bring a notebook, and I write my thoughts on paper. Vietnam has a lot of nature and green, one of the things I like the best about my country. Hiking and camping outdoors are relatively young in Vietnam. It's not for everyone, but that sometimes makes it even more exciting. Because there a no natural trails or camping areas, you turn it into one. The earth is your playground.

I practice yoga a few times weekly to balance my mind and body. It's fun; some of my friends join as well. My friend Yen, a model for M A A N, is one of the participants. She is highly flexible. I can't do the same poses as her, but I'm happy with my achievements. Kelly is pretty jealous about what we can do during yoga class. Besides working hard, I know how to enjoy my life, and one of the things I enjoy a lot is outdoor adventures.

Bidoup National Park and Ha Giang Loop

We mostly take our motorbikes and pack for a day trip. Sometimes we go for a week or longer, but we go for weekend trips and spend one-night camping most of the time. We go to places with only nature, no people, just the small group of friends that I'm with. It's one of the nicest things you can do to get lost in nature. It is away from busy crowds and noise. Going out on adventures is a great addition to your life. Many books are written about outdoor adventures; for inspiration, look at the Goodreads list.

To feel small within the massive surroundings when you drive your motorbike on the way to your camp spot. Hoi An is a lovely town but also very lively and noisy. You can hear traffic pretty much all day long. Fortunately, it's quiet at night because everyone goes to bed early.

These are my favorite places to go, Hiking and camping (all of central Vietnam): Xã Dai Hông, A Luoi District, Gia Lai, Trà Ly, Phú Ninh, and Son Trà.

Tips for Hiking and outdoor camping in Vietnam from Trang:

  • Exploring Vietnam is most accessible with a motorbike. When you make a trip, you can store some of your stuff in the truck and the rest in your backpack.
  • Bring your essentials but try to pack as lightly as possible.
  • Invest in good hiking shoes, preferably with ankle support
  • Download a map of the area you're going to on your phone, so you can use it offline while hiking.
  • Make sure you have enough water with you for the whole hike.
  • Set up a base where you sleep with tents and hike from there.

Trang is a pro for outdoor camping and traveling in Vietnam. However, ensure you're well prepared for a trip especially when it's your first time. Taking someone with you who has some experience in outdoor camping can be helpful. Letting other people know where you're headed and take a power bank with you for your phone.

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With love, Kelly