Swap these cosmetics for a more sustainable choice today.

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Kelly Lee van Velthoven
May, 01, 2023
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We've been choosing solid bars over plastic cosmetics bottles for a while now. We tried a few and wanted to share our opinion about it. Plastic seems inevitable everywhere. It can make us tired sometimes, but it’s not a reason to give up on not trying to do better. How can we choose a more sustainable way when it comes to cosmetics? Solid cosmetics can definitely contribute to more sustainability. Most solid cosmetics (do your research though) don't contain harsh chemicals. Good for you and the environment. Swapping to solid cosmetic products has brought me more than just one benefit. They save so much space in my bathroom and cosmetic bag, ideal for trips or traveling, they save money because they are so efficient, but they don’t compromise on quality. We tested a bunch of different solid products listed below.

Solids: sustainability for the body and face

These are a few of the best products we liked with a little review of how much we liked them. Nivea magic face bar. It’s a little square bar; add water and apply it to your face. The texture is thick and creamy; it gently removes dirt from the skin. My face feels clean and soft after using the Nivea magic face bar. The bar is very efficient and doesn’t ‘melt’ after contact with water. The bar lasts for a long time, very inexpensive as well. I would say this bar is great value for money. You can find more information here.

Foamie Body Bar & Solid Body Butter. We used several products from Foamie. The price and value are good; you won’t break the bank buying these products. The body bar has an excellent massage effect because the bar has tiny bulbs at the bottom. Leaving your skin nice and fresh after a shower, the little rope makes it easy to air-dry the body bar. The solid body butter is not greasy but still nourishes dry skin. You are leaving it with a great scent and soft skin. These items take up little space in your bathroom but are very effective.

Happy Earth deodorant. This deodorant is made from good ingredients but is still effective. I have tried a lot of ‘natural’ deodorants but still struggled with their effectiveness, but the Happy Earth deodorant does the trick. It’s plastic-free and comes in a small round tin; you apply some cream to your armpits. The formula is soft and friendly, leaving no irritating skin behind. The smell is pleasant and fresh, and the product lasts long. You can find more information here.

Sustainable Solids for shiny hair

We tested the finest solids for washing your hair. Depending on where you live you can find many different sustainability choices regarding shampoo bars. Lots of traditional chemists and supermarkets already offer them which is great. Sometimes you can find handmade shampoo bars in refillable shops. Refillable shops are the best; they often offer great value, and you can bring your own packaging so there is no extra landfill.

Foamie Shampoo & Conditioner Bar. Everything about this product and brand is excellent. Foamie products don’t contain any soap (they do clean, though) and are super friendly for your skin. The smell is fantastic, and the bar hangs on a cotton rope. After using the bars, you can easily hang up your shampoo bar and let it dry. It leaves my hair feeling soft and nourished. After contact, the bars don’t melt, which is excellent, and the price is friendly. 

Lush shampoo bar: 'Honey, I washed my hair'. Lush shampoo bars stay my favorite. The formula and the smell are unique; I like how it treats my scalp; never itchy or dry, just gently on the skin. Although the Lush shampoo bars can be more expensive than others, it’s still a good value for money. They will last 2-3 months if you wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week. Dry them properly after using if they stay wet; they tend to melt. Read more about this shampoo bar here.

With love, Kelly