wrap top navy blue linenwraptop navy with dress sidewrap top linen navy sidewrap top linen navy back

Adela linen wrap top

€ 69

Linen Wrap top

The Adela linen wrap top is named after a young female entrepreneur with many different qualities. We view the Adela linen wrap top as a beautiful, versatile item that you can style in three different ways—making the Adela wrap top a perfect item for your suitcase or hand luggage when you need more style but fewer items to pack.

  • Short-sleeved wrap top
  • Styled three ways. Tied at the side in ballet style, worn back to front for a classy high neck, or loosely tied at the front.
twinkle stars
Available in beautiful color
heart light
Fewer clothes, more styles!
heart leaf
Made to order
Sustainable fabric
ColorChoose color

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